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Chapter Information

Monthly Meetings: Frontier FFA hosts a chapter meeting on the Second Tuesday of each month starting at 6:00pm in the Ag Room (325). All members are encouraged to attend these meetings as this is where most of the official business of the organization is conducted.  Meetings always start with a dinner at 6:00 for $5, and then have activities scheduled after the meeting to encourage more members to participate.  Meetings will conclude at 7:30 on these nights.

Monthly Events:  The Frontier FFA Officer Team plans for a variety of events for the fourth Tuesday of every month.  These events could include community service events, bowling, workshops, movie night, seasonal activities, etc...  All members are encouraged to come participate in these events so we can continue to build stronger bonds within our chapter.

Career Development Events:  Career Development Events (also known as CDEs) are tests of real-world skills and knowledge on a specific topic in agriculture or science. Frontier FFA usually has a livestock judging team, a horse judging team, and an environment & Natural Resources Team, a parliamentary procedure team, an agricultural issues team, and a veterinary science team. However, dozens of other categories are  also available, including marketing plan, farm and ranch business management, sales and even individual contests in a variety of public speaking forums.  

The Frontier FFA has a strong tradition of producing winning teams in most of these areas.  We have numerous state titles in many events, and we even hold several National Championships in Parliamentary Procedure and Agricultural Issues Forum!

Each event usually consists of a multiple choice exam based on real-world knowledge followed by tests of skills. For example, horse and livestock teams evaluate different live animals for their conformation, and performance. Environmental science teams must test water and soil quality and assess the impact of different pollutants on living organisms and ecosystems. Marketing teams must create a sales presentation for a hypothetical product. In each case, students compete by using skills that professionals use daily in their jobs. Practices for teams begin in late January or early February. Contests are held in April at the Wyoming State FFA Convention in Cheyenne and Laramie. 

Agriscience Fair: Frontier FFA is beginning a new era, where we apply our knowledge more through agricultural research projects.  FFA members will have the opportunity to conduct experiments ranging from biofuel production to poultry feed additives to enzyme tests to agronomy to water ecosystem protection to many more. Students can choose how involved they become with their research; some may  only spend one day conducting their research while others may spend 3 or 4 years on their work. We are working to make a variety of grants and scholarships available to student researchers.

Speaking Contests: The FFA has a strong tradition in preparing excellent public speakers. With events ranging from prepared public speaking to extemporaneous speaking to delivering the FFA Creed, many opportunities exist for students to become exceptional in their oratory skills and speech preparation. All public speaking competitors begin at the chapter, then district level with competitions starting in January. Those who qualify for regionals compete again in March, and the top finishers in all regional competitions compete in April at the State FFA Convention. 

County & State Fairs: Exhibiting a project at the Laramie County Fair or Wyoming State Fair can be one of the most educational experiences available to our members. Every year Frontier FFA is represented by dozens of students who show livestock, pigs, horses,  rabbits, poultry, goats, and non-animal exhibits including basketry and photography. 

Leadership Conferences: Leadership development is one of the top priorities of the FFA. As such, many leadership development opportunities are available to students through seasonal conferences held all across the state. 

State & National FFA Convention: At every level of the FFA (local, state, and national), members are recognized annually for their achievements and accomplishments. At the chapter level, an awards banquet is held on the second Tuesday of May. For those students whose achievements propelled them to state-level competition, recognition for their efforts occurs in April at the State FFA Convention in Cheyenne. Nationally-ranked members receive their recognition at the National FFA  Convention each October in Louisville, KY.  In addition to recognizing outstanding achievement, the State and National conventions exist to provide students with opportunities to interact socially, build leadership skills, and prepare for their futures. Both the state and national conventions offer career shows, skill-building workshops, and leadership conferences for students to gain personally and professionally. Furthermore, students gain a wide perspective of the impact of the National FFA when they have the opportunity to interact with over 60,000 FFA members during the National FFA Convention. 

Community Service: Frontier FFA members take part in numerous community service events each year, helping to make the Cheyenne community a more vibrant and caring place to live. From East Cares in December to Road-side Cleanup each fall and spring, to Helping with K-9's for mobility, and the Comea Shelter, FFA members demonstrate their commitment to their community on a regular basis. 
Social Events: While the FFA places education, leadership, and career development as its top priorities, that does not mean that our members can't have fun! The FFA has many regular social events including mini-golf, bowling, stampede Hockey Games, Dodgeball Tournaments, Pig Wrestling, Corn mazes, movie nights, and more. 

College Tours: Tours of universities and colleges are a regular part of the FFA program of activities. FFA members regularly tour places such as the University of Wyoming, Casper College, Sheridan College, Northwest Community College, and other schools and technical colleges. In the past, FFA members have attended the Animal Science Department's Open House at Eastern Wyoming College and have  taken the campus tour of Northwest Community College. They have had the opportunity to meet with admissions staff at the EWC Veterinary School and have the opportunity to meet with representatives of all ag and life sciences colleges the Cowboy Classic at the University of Wyoming. Special tours can and regularly are scheduled each year for students who request it. 


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